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In today's world, many homeowners and business owners are faced with natural disaster as well as dishonesty. In order to protect their valuables, they take certain security measures to insure their peace of mind. One of these steps is investing in a safe. There are three basic categories of safes for the home and office. The items that you are protecting will determine what type of safe will best suit your needs.
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1.) Burglary

safes are designed for the storage of valuables such as money, jewelry, coins, stamps, heirlooms, handguns, and cameras. These safes are rated according to the thickness of the doors and bodies and tested by Underwriters Laboratories. Floor safes are a good choice in a burglary safe as they are hidden and as also offer fire protection when properly installed. According to FBI statistics, a burglary occurs in the US every 9 seconds.

2.) Fire safes

also known as record safes, are for the storage of documents such as deeds, wills, birth certificates, and tax records. The storage of tax papers in a rated safe may be deductible-check with your accountant. Fire safes have a very limited degree of burglary protection as they can be pried open with common hand tools. Fire safes are rated by UL to provide fire protection for a minimum of one hour. Two hour models are also available and most have adjustable shelves for convenient storage. According to statistics, a fire occurs in America every 50 seconds, and one in 4 homes will have a fire of some sort.

The most popular safes are rated for both fire and burglary protection in one package. These are above ground and make a good alternative for the person that cannot use an in the floor model. They are quite heavy and can also be bolted to the floor for additional protection.

3.) Media safes

are for the storage of computer disks, microfiche, tape cartridges, and film negatives. Because of the low temperatures that these products need, a standard fire safe will not suffice. A UL rated Media safe will keep items under 125 degrees for a minimum of one hour. Custom interiors can be provided to fit the items that are being stored. Digital locks on safes are becoming commonplace as they are more "user friendly". Gone is the days of turning the lock 4 times left, 3 times right etc.

4.) Digital locks

are as easy to open as dialing the telephone. They are readily changeable by the user and will also automatically lock instead of remembering to spin the dial 4 times to scramble the combination. Multiple user combos can be specified for the business owner with employees as one person's code can be deleted without effecting the other existing codes, therefore a new combo does not have to be relearned by everyone.

When choosing the security company that you will be purchasing your safe from, make sure that they meet the following criteria. Make certain they are bonded, insured and have proper licensing-a contractors license will be required for safe installations. Longevity in business is a valuable plus and a service department for after sale service should be considered a requirement.
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